Collin Evans Law – Probation Revocation Houston

Probation revocation Houston. When convicted of a crime in Texas, the court can sentence a defendant to a fine or jail time, but in some cases, the person can receive a sentence of community supervision or probation. During the supervision period, if the defendant does not comply with the terms of supervision, he or she may end up facing a motion to revoke probation. In other words, the probationer would face receiving a harsher sentence.

A motion to revoke probation is a formal written document filed by the State alleging that a convicted offender has violated the terms and conditions of a community supervision/probation court order. The motion spells out how the alleged probation violation occurred. The probationer can fight the allegation and has the right to have an attorney assist in challenging the motion to revoke probation. The government has to prove that violation of supervision conditions occurred, and the probationer has a right to a hearing in front of the judge that granted the supervision.

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